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Our experienced staff will help you choose the best possible tracking device for your vehicle wether it’s an Insurance requirement or for your own peace of mind.

We can provide and fit a range of different vehicle trackers from all major manufacturers including Smartrack, Meta System, Cobra and Traffic Master.

All prices on our website include fitting at your home or place of work by a Thatcham Approved Installer.


FitMyTracker provides Vehicle tracking solutions for both personal and fleet vehicles.

Maybe the insurance company have requested a Tracking device? Or you simply want the added peace of mind a Tracking system will provide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of any vehicle or car tracking device is only as good as its installation. Unless installed correctly even the most sophisticated system could fail to protect your vehicle and may cause electrical/electronic systems to malfunction. All our engineers here at Tracker Fit are Thatcham Approved – giving you peace of mind that an expert is on the job.

Thatcham Category 5 is the highest specification stolen vehicle tracking device that is approved by insurers. Category 5 trackers are ideal for high performance and high value vehicles, and when fitted correctly provide the owner with peace of mind that their vehicle is secure. Huge advancements in the technology and security on modern vehicles means they are much harder to steal, due to this there has been an alarming rise in the number of criminals turning their focus away from the car and onto the keys.

Thatcham are constantly working with the police and other partners to develop a range of technologies. One of which led to the introduction of the Thatcham Category 5 Criteria for after theft recovery systems. This advanced system invovlves ‘Automatic Driver Recognition’ and vehicle immobilisation – which can only be authorised by UK Police under certain theft conditions.

A CAT 5 tracker device is one of a number of categories that Thatcham have defined as the highest Class of vehicle security tracking systems.

The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, or Thatcham as widely known was established in 1969 by British Insurers. The Centre is independently operated with a Board of Directors drawn from more than 30 insurer members who fund all the testing of motor vehicle security & safety.

Thatcham is a not-for-profit organisation. There main aim is to carry out research targeted at containing or reducing the cost of motor insurance claims, whilst maintaining safety and quality standards.

Thatcham Approved Category 6 GPS tracking systems provide an excellent level of vehicle security and enable the car to be tracked with an accuracy of a few meters. All of our cat 6 trackers will locate your vehicle throughout UK and Europe. Cat 6 vehicle trackers are approved by all leading insurance companies and in most cases a discount on you car insurance will be offered. Most of the car trackers we offer give the ability to track you vehicle over the internet.


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