SmarTrack Trackers

SmarTrack is a leading UK based company involved in the designing and manufacturing of vehicle tracking systems. They have multiple award-winning car trackers and vehicle tracking devices in their range. Over the last 12 years, they have won 21 Industry Awards for their innovative tracking devices.

SmarTrack devices use the very latest in tracking technology to ensure a high quality tracking service. In the event of a theft, their built-in aerials make the trackers harder to remove. All of the information from the trackers, which use GPS, GSM and GPRS, is sent to the Secure Global Telemetrics Control Centre – this means that if your vehicle is stolen you are in safe hands and SmarTrack can work with you to help track and retrieve.

The SmarTrack Stolen Vehicle Recovery Products (SVRS) which are suitable for cars, vans, HGVs, caravans, agricultural and plant vehicles, are recognised as one of the market leaders in vehicle tracking systems approved by insurance companies in the UK. The stolen vehicle tracking devices from SmarTrack are also assured by Thatcham, who are recognised by leading vehicle insurance companies. There are a number of different trackers in the SmarTrack range with something to suit every type of vehicle and requirement.