CAT 5 Trackers

Thatcham CAT 5 Trackers

When it comes to protecting your vehicle, things don’t get much better than our range of Thatcham CAT 5 trackers. Providing you with the highest levels of security possible, these high-quality GPS systems are currently the most advanced car trackers on the market, boasting a plethora of innovative features designed to prevent the theft of your vehicle. After undergoing the rigorous and extensive Thatcham safety tests, these GPS trackers guarantee a performance of the highest standard and continue to raise the bar for modern tracking technology. Trackers bearing the mark of Thatcham accreditation are not only approved by insurers, they ultimately provide drivers with greater peace of mind and assure them of the device’s quality.

Thatcham CAT 5 trackers allow drivers to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle in real-time, with the in-built motion sensors ensuring you’ll be alerted as soon as your car has been moved unexpectedly. Perhaps more impressively, CAT 5 trackers are the only GPS systems which allow you to remotely immobilise your vehicle and automatically issue a level 1 police response, while also featuring automatic driver recognition.


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