Caravan Trackers

Caravan Tracker Devices

Tracking your caravan can provide peace of mind and protect your caravan from potential theft. For many, owning a caravan means a great opportunity to travel and explore, and with a tracker you can do this without worry.

Our range of caravan trackers come from leading brands such as SmarTrack, offering the latest technology in vehicle tracking. Our caravan trackers are able to protect your vehicle in over 100 countries, and can monitor your vehicle 24 hours a day. With movement sensor alerts and other handy features, a caravan tracker can help you to relax and enjoy your travels.

Installing a caravan tracker can help to deter thieves and increase your chance of vehicle recovery. With a free app, you can keep an eye on your caravan’s location when you’re not nearby. We can offer free nationwide installation for your new caravan tracker. What’s more, you may be eligible for a discount on your insurance as all of our caravan trackers are Thatcham-approved.