The Unique Features Of A Ghost Immobiliser

Car security has come a long way in recent years from the earliest days, when a simple steering lock was the only option. Now, we’ve moved  through to alarms and immobilisers. However, now, the latest technology that is the Autowatch Ghost 11 Immobiliser has been described as the next generation of vehicle protection.

Here at Fit My Tracker, we’re going to explain exactly why we have such confidence that this immobiliser will more than live up to the hype.

 What’s New?

Car thieves are constantly aware of the latest developments in vehicle security and will use ingenious methods to circumvent any security devices. One of the most devious and upsetting methods of car theft is by either breaking into homes to steal vehicle keys or by cloning keys and increasingly by targeting cars which have keyless technology. In this method, the thief scans for and hacks into a signal which tells a vehicle to unlock without a key or fob.

The latest Home Office figures from 2021 showed that more than 100,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK using this hacking method.

 So what is it that takes the Ghost 11 immobiliser to the next level? The Ghost is designed to protect your vehicle from hacking, key theft and key cloning. It does this by having no key fob or LED indications which could transmit a giveaway location signal for a thief to intercept. In addition, the Ghost utilises the systems within your car such as the buttons on the steering wheel, centre console or door panel to enable you to devise a disarm sequence code (like a pin code) which can be anything up to 20 presses long – the choice is yours. This will be absolutely unique to your vehicle. The code, to be entered before attempting to drive the car, can be changed by you anytime you wish. That way, you can make it even more unique and harder to intercept.

If the idea of having to enter a disarm code every time you want to drive your car is inconvenient, the manufacturers of the Ghost 11 have created a smart-phone app. This allows two phones to be connected and which connects to your car and will enable you to drive away without using the disarm sequence. With the app running in the background via Bluetooth, we think this gives you more than one easy to use option for protecting your car. The only thing to remember is that if your phone is within 5-10 metres range the Ghost 11 will be disarmed.

Summary of Features

·      Immobilisation works by communicating with the ECU using the on-board CAN data network.

·      No transmitted radio frequency signals for thieves to detect.

·      Disarm sequence can be set up via in-car buttons and is user-changeable.

·      Mobile apps can connect to two phones.

·      The disarm sequence is not compromised in service/valet mode.

·      A secure, unique emergency code is available if you forget the disarm sequence.

For more information on how you can get the next level protection for your car talk to us at Fit My Tracker.