Why Range Rovers Are So Commonly Targeted by Thieves

On the list of the top ten most popular stolen cars in the, Range Rovers have been sitting in the top 5 for several years now. A popular car from the Land Rover brand of vehicles, there are an estimated 400,000 (2020) Range Rovers on the road in the UK. With the popularity of this vehicle booming since the early 2000s, this figure has increased tenfold. Thanks to a greater interest from the general public, unfortunately there is just as much interest from car thieves and burglars. 

The popularity of Range Rovers in the UK 

If you are the happy owner of any of the Range Rover models in the UK, this is not a warning to get rid of your car. In fact, the rising number of stolen Range Rover models has nothing to do with any security concern from the car itself, rather the popularity of such models. As we know, organised crime gangs will target cars they know they can sell on quickly and for large sums of money. With the popularity of the cars ever increasing, Range Rovers are one such car that is an easy target for thieves who will have customers ready and waiting to purchase. 

Keyless entry theft 

What’s more, the majority of Range Rover models now operate using keyless entry technology. This means that a physical key is not required to unlock or start the ignition. Since the production of this technology, thieves and criminal gangs have become clued up on how to bypass security measures, making away with a keyless entry vehicle in a matter of minutes, and without causing any physical damage. Despite its benefits, the keyless entry function of a Range Rover can be overridden with the use of small pieces of technology, known as relay devices that can unlock the car without the presence of the fob. Again making them a more popular model with car thieves. 

The effects of this include rising insurance costs for Range Rover owners, who have noticed huge surges in insurance premiums, particularly in areas around London and Manchester. 

Extra security for your Range Rover model 

Whether you own an Evoque, Sport, or Velar, you shouldn’t feel overpowered by thieves. Nor should you allow this to leave you falling out of love with your Range Rover. Despite their abilities, the thieves can be stopped in their tracks. With additional security measures and advances in technology, you can protect your Range Rover, making this more difficult to steal and increase the chances of theft-recovery in the event the car is stolen and sold on. 

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