6 Savvy Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe At Home

Parking your car on your driveway or on the road outside your home at night should feel like a safe thing to do. Unfortunately, with a rise in vehicle theft across the country, drivers should be aware, even on a secure driveway or directly in front of your home, your car can still be targeted by thieves. Without taking too much time, these 7 savvy tips will help ensure your car is safe even at home. Attempting to reduce the risk of theft and keep your car protected overnight. 

1. Install a driveway barrier 

To deter thieves from your property and to make it more difficult for someone to drive your vehicle off your driveway, a driveway barrier is an excellent investment. Helping to add an additional layer of security to your property, these barriers not only make accessing your driveway difficult for unwanted guests, but will act as a deterrent. Thieves are far more likely to avoid driveways and properties with extra security that would slow them down or put them at risk of being caught. 

2. Keep watch with a security camera

Security cameras are another great form of protection, both for your home and your vehicles. Allowing you to keep watch over your driveway, even when the curtains are closed. Most modern security cameras can now also be connected to your mobile device, sending alerts directly to your phone when movement or sound is detected within several metres. Not only does this enhance your property’s security but again acts as a deterrent. Plus, any footage of thieves can be quickly downloaded and sent to the relevant authorities, heightening their chances of catching these criminals and putting a stop to their deviance. 

3. Increase security lighting on your driveway

Equally important, is lighting the area. For years people have used lighting, whether it be street lamps, porch lights, or even indoor lighting to deter thieves from their properties. The act of using lighting simply suggests to thieves that there are people at home and these residents are aware of movement in and around their property. This is a great deterrent method and one that is easy to achieve with simple driveway security lighting. To keep your energy bills down you may wish to consider security lighting that will only activate when sensors detect movement. 

4. Do not leave your valuables inside your car overnight

If you’re leaving your car overnight or for longer periods of time, it is especially important to remove all valuables from inside your vehicle. Any sign of valuable items, like laptops, handbags, phones etc. will catch the attention of thieves. Removing these items helps to reduce the risk of theft. 

5. Use a steering wheel lock 

In a bid to make it more difficult for people to drive your vehicle away from your home, a steering wheel lock can be used. These typically ‘old school’ methods of security are once again gaining popularity in order to stop tech savvy thieves from breaking into their cars and making away with the vehicle in just a few seconds. Even if a thief is able to unlock the steering wheel lock this will slow them down tremendously, so installing one could put them off attempting to break in completely. 

6. Consider a Ghost Immobiliser for your keyless entry car

The Ghost Immobiliser by Autowatch provides even more security than your manufacturer standard immobiliser. Since keyless car theft is on the rise, this immobiliser has been designed to provide extra protection. With this immobilsier installed you car’s engine can only be turned on once a unique sequence code has been entered using the buttons inside your vehicle. The Ghost Immobiliser is also undetectable and can not be shutdown by thieves, since it doe not transmit any radio frequency signals. At FitMyTracker we sell the latest version of the Ghost Immobiliser and will install this for you too.