Are Electric and Self-Driving Cars More At Risk Of Theft?

Electric and self-driving cars are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes the potential risk for theft. The modern and expensive automated systems in such vehicles can make them vulnerable to hackers, meaning that thieves may be able to gain access to the vehicle’s systems without ever needing a key or other physical means of entry. In addition, electric vehicles contain valuable batteries which may be targeted by thieves. 

Since these cars are still growing in popularity, their current market value is still particularly high, making these high value vehicles that are certainly desirable for thieves hoping to hit the jackpot. 

What is important to bear in mind, however, is the advancing technology these cars are installed with to ensure they are extra secure. Those considering buying an electric or self-driving car in the future, should consider additional security measures in order to protect such a valuable asset. 

Are Thieves Targeting Electric & Self-Driving Vehicles?

Currently we are restricted to very little data on this type of vehicle theft. Which makes it difficult to determine whether these cars are specifically being targeted by thieves. However, what we do know is that these are high value vehicles and with access to the right technology, criminal gangs are more than likely setting themselves up to steal such models in order to sell them on for parts or as a stolen to order item. 

Since these cars are well-equipped with the latest technology, it is best to assume that it will take thieves some time to establish the most effective methods for stealing them and getting away undetected. Outdoing the thieves with the most high-tech anti-theft solutions is one of the best ways to avoid being targeted. 

Keeping Your Electric Car Safe From Theft 

The use of an immobiliser, strong locks, and other security devices can be especially beneficial for such cars. Additionally, applying safety measures such as parking in well-lit areas or covered garages can help to deter potential thieves. 

For car owners that frequently travel long distances or are away from home for extended periods of time, it is important to think about how the vehicle can be monitored. This is most important when leaving your car to charge at public electric vehicle charging points. A vehicle tracking device, connected to the car, will provide you with 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle’s location, so you can rest assured that your car is in a safe place. 

To Conclude:

Although, at this current moment in time, we would not consider these types of vehicles to be at a higher risk of theft, the demand for them definitely exists. With this increasing demand, draws the attention of would-be thieves. It is certainly beneficial, therefore, to be one step ahead of the criminals and take the necessary steps to protect your vehicle from theft. 

For those considering a vehicle tracking system as their next port of call, take a look at the vehicle trackers we offer and book your installation, at no additional charge.