Apple Air Tags and Car Theft

Modern technology is advancing quicker everyday. Apple being one of the leading technology brands are always coming up with new and innovative ideas; the apple air tag being one of them. Apple air tags are meant to be used to keep track of your personal items such as keys, backpacks, and purses. However, the emergence of popular new tech can sometimes cause unexpected problems to arise. In Apple’s case, a new way for criminals to illegally track and steal vehicles was found by using air tags.

How do criminals track vehicles?

The thought process behind these crimes was to hide an air tag somewhere hidden and discreet inside of a valuable car or vehicle. Unlike a GPS tracker, any iPhone user can link up to an air tag. This means that the unsuspecting victim would drive off to their destination, usually a home address, completely unaware they are being tracked. A notification would be sent out alerting the victim there is an unknown air tag nearby, but by then it may be too late. The criminal would then follow this address, locate the vehicle, and hijack it unbeknownst to the owner. This saves the criminal the risk of being caught in a public location. A worrying aspect to point out would be now a criminal has the home address of someone who likely owns expensive items based on the value of their vehicle. 

How do I prevent this from happening to me?

There are a number of ways to protect your vehicle from being tracked and stolen. Ensuring you have the top safety precautions is vital when it comes to your valuable car or vehicle. Here are the recommended ways below to deter criminals from you.

  • Invest in a GPS tracking device. The best thing you can do is invest in deterrents to stop criminals from targeting you. A GPS tracker is the best option for protection as if your car or vehicle is stolen, you can pass the location on to the police.
  • Install a security camera facing your vehicle. This will make the criminals job harder and hopefully steer them away.
  • Lock your vehicle in your garage if possible.
  • Check your vehicle for air tags or any kind of suspicious tracking device and call the police if you receive an Apple notification alerting you of an unknown airtag.

Apple’s response to air tag crime

Vehicle tracking and theft is a serious crime. Apple has responded to the incorrect use of their air tags by releasing a statement and updating their technology. You can now find an air tag using precision tracking, meaning you will be able to find an unwanted air tag much more easily. Apple has also changed the time a user will receive the notification alerting them of a suspicious air tag. This means that you can now alert the police a lot earlier and hopefully prevent a crime from taking place. 

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