How Do GPS Car Trackers Work

The number of cars stolen in the UK rises each year despite anti-theft systems getting more and more sophisticated. While it does mean that the average car is now harder to steal that it once was, car thieves still manage to prevail with vehicle thefts in large cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester continuing to grow. 

This improvement in anti-theft systems has simply meant that thieves have changed their approach with some even becoming bold enough to break into homes in order to retrieve the key for a vehicle. All this makes it sound like a rather hopeless situation, so what can you do if you do become the victim of car theft? Thankfully, GPS car trackers provide an additional level of protection and can be used to help secure the recovery of your vehicle.     

What is a GPS Tracker?

So, what exactly is a GPS tracker? To put it simply, it is a small unit which, in most cases, you can fit yourself to your car without the need for expert installation. Because of their size, GPS car trackers are discreet, making it unlikely that a potential thief will spot them. Once installed, they use the Global Position System to monitor and track the movements of your vehicle at all times. The information is then relayed to a server, and can be viewed from an accompanying application on your phone. Because GPS car trackers are active at all times, they can give you peace of mind about the location of your car, no matter where you are in the world. Most trackers allow you to set up an alert in case the vehicle is moved without your authorisation, alerting you not only to thefts but also to any unauthorised usage.

In addition to this, trackers will also gather information such as the speed at which the car is moving, the direction it is heading in, and its exact location in real time. To ensure uptime, most GPS car trackers can be fitted in several different ways, all designed to guarantee that it is running at all times.

Preventing Car Theft with a GPS Car Tracker

We have already covered how GPS car trackers can help recover a stolen car but they can be an excellent deterrent too. With more and more people now installing GPS tracker into their vehicles, thieves are becoming wiser to their use too but will still not be able to detect where the tracker is, even if they suspect that there is one present. However, by advertising that you have a GPS car tracker installed, for example by putting up a sticker on your windows, you can actually prevent car theft as even the boldest criminally is likely to look for an easier target.

If you would live to find out more about GPS car trackers or are looking to invest in one for your own vehicle, don’t forget to take a look at our range of car trackers.