How To Protect Your Van and Its Contents

Van owners who rely on their van for work will know all too well the risk thieves pose to their van and its contents. Vans sat left over night full of work tools, expensive machinery and other valuables are hot property for thieves looking to make quick money. Often breaking into these vans to steal the contents or driving away with the van completely. With vans such targets, security for your van and its contents should be taken seriously. Here are some of our top tips to protect your van.

Deter the thieves

By altering the appearance of your van or keeping it out of sight could deter thieves from taking any chances. Avoiding damage to your van and the contents within. A few ways you could protect your van include:

Avoid van signage

Keeping the van clear of any signs which may alert potential thieves to the type of contents you could be storing in your van is a great deterrent. Although signage is good for marketing yourself and your business, it is also highlighting exactly what your van is used for and what types of valuables may be inside. Encouraging thieves to take a look.

Remove the contents of your van overnight

Most van thieves will opt to take their chances at night, avoiding being caught red-handed by van owners. When parking your van on the road overnight, we recommend taking out any valuable goods and keeping these stored and locked away elsewhere.

Keep your van in a locked garage

To avoid the theft of your van, keeping this locked away overnight is the perfect solution. Out of sight, out of mind.

Apply dark tint to your windows to keep contents out of sight

For those who may not have access to secure storage, either for your van or the contents, tinting the windows may also work just as well. Keeping the contents hidden from thieves.

Van Security Alarms

Your van should be fitted with a security alarm, as standard. Ensure this alarm is working as it should be every few months. Whilst also checking that an immobiliser was also fitted alongside this alarm. Both the alarm and immobiliser should be Thatcham approved products to ensure your van’s safety and security. Some older vans may not have these fitted, so it is worth mentioning that these can be purchased and installed. At FitMyTracker, not only do we stock high-quality, Thatcham approved GPS trackers, but also immobilisers too. Check them out here.


Van GPS trackers

We stock a wide range of van trackers at FitMyTracker, including Thatcham CAT 5/6 and S5/S7. So, not only will you provided peace of mind, but you may also benefit from a reduction in your insurance premiums. We understand how valuable your van and its contents can be, so will provide you all the advice and guidance you need to help enhance your security measures.

These van GPS trackers will work 24/7 providing you data on the location of your van, straight to your personal device. Such as a mobile, tablet, or PC. Some additional features may also include immobilisation technology and towing alert features – for extra peace of mind. You can be sure your van and its contents will always be safe.

To learn more about the van trackers we stock and to enquire about our free nationwide installation, get in touch with our expert team and protect your van today.