Increase Car Security this winter

Over winter some may believe car theft is less likely to occur, maybe it’s too cold for thieves? Actually, this is the opposite of what tends to occur. According to police statistics, December and January are particularly bad months for car theft. During this period, we typically experience some rather chilly and frosty mornings. Often leaving our cars unattended to de-frost, while we head back into the house to grab essentials or continue getting the kids ready for school. In this time, car owners should not become complacent with their vehicle security. Despite trying to avoid the cold, leaving your car un-attended with the keys in the ignition puts you at risk of a type of crime coined ‘Frost Jacking’.

Beware of Frost Jacking!

Frost jacking is a term used to describe a type of theft that is carried out within the winter months. Thieves pounce on the opportunity to target vehicles left unattended with the ignition running. Often while the vehicle owner waits for the windscreen and windows to de-frost or for snow to melt from the vehicle.

As car owners, we are sure the majority of us are guilty of this. It’s too cold to stand and wait for the car to heat up and de-frost, so we opt for heading back inside for a few minutes. Or we save ourselves some time by leaving the car to run while we continue to get ready for work back inside the house. It’s understandable why so many car owners do this across the country. You would be excused for believing your car is safe parked just outside your home but unfortunately vehicle thieves are fast. Able to drive away with your car within seconds. Especially if they find the car unattended, running with keys in the ignition! It’s the perfect opportunity for them to get away with your car before you’ve even noticed.


Car Insurance companies won’t pay out for Frost Jacking

The bad news is most car insurers refuse to cover a vehicle that has been stolen whilst left unattended with keys in the ignition. So, not only are you putting yourself at risk of losing your vehicle, but you will not receive a pay out from your car insurance company.

Vehicle Security for winter

 At FitMyTracker, we don’t believe the few extra minutes in the warmth of the house is worth losing your vehicle for. So, here are some of our top tips for vehicle security this winter.

When de-frosting your car, consider some of the following advice:

  • Avoid an icy windscreen by using a windscreen cover overnight
  • Alternatively, keep your car in a garage
  • Find a good quality ice scraper which won’t require lots of time scraping to clear your windscreen of frost and snow
  • Ensure your windscreen is cleaned with a screen wash which continues to protect the glass down to temperatures of -20°
  • Never use boiling water from the kettle on your windscreen or windows, sudden temperature changes could cause the glass to shatter

General Car security tips:

  • Never leave your car unattended, whilst the ignition is running
  • Always lock your car when returning inside, no matter how long for
  • Keep your keys out of sight
  • Don’t leave belongings inside your vehicle when parked

How a GPS vehicle tracker can help protect your car this winter

If you do become a victim of vehicle theft, whether this is during winter or at any time of the year. A vehicle tracker will work to locate your stolen vehicle using smart GPS technology. The police can be notified of the theft and utilise the data you have access to, thanks to the installation of a tracker, to retrieve your stolen vehicle. Vehicle trackers are renowned for increasing your chances of retrieving a vehicle once it has been stolen and before it is sold for part or shipped for sale overseas. For more information about the vehicle trackers we stock at FitMyTracker, get in touch with our friendly team of tracker experts!