How Vehicle GPS Trackers Could Work To Improve Sustainability

Many companies are looking to reduce their impact on the environment and going further than planting trees and recycling. Business owners, managers and individuals should be looking at further ways that they can make a difference. For businesses heavily reliant on transport, introducing GPS vehicle trackers within your company cars and fleet vehicles could be your next smart move.

Installing a GPS tracking system on any cars, vans and lorries within your business is a great way to make a valuable change that will reduce your company’s spending and help you make the changes necessary to reduce your carbon footprint and improve sustainability dramatically.

Fleet optimisation

Fleet optimisation will save you direct costs. Whether you manage one or multiple vehicles, you will save money if you have the correct data to hand. Installing one of our GPS trackers in all your company vehicles will give you the data and insights necessary to ensure your vehicles are run and maintained efficiently. 

Key benefits of vehicle GPS tracking for your business budgets and the environment

●      Tracking routes and employee schedules to better use and maximise their efficiency and fuel consumption.

●      Real-time traffic information, so you can see where traffic slows, and you can plan to avoid inefficient roads and wasted time.

●      Better route planning to keep up with traffic flow and reduce time and fuel wastage for each journey.

●       Employees actively tracked will be more conscious of time wasting.

●      Improves driving, you can help the least efficient to adopt more environmentally friendly driving techniques to reduce fuel costs and improve vehicle conditions.

●      Monitor the effectiveness of your vehicles and their investment lifecycle. GPS tracking and analytics will allow for better regular maintenance and repair schedules. 

●      Comparative data statistics enable you to monitor vehicle performance and fuel consumption as the vehicle ages. GPS statistics can help you decide when the cost of running the vehicle as it ages and the environmental damage makes it time to invest in a new vehicle.

●      Use your drive to improve sustainability to market your business. Customers and suppliers will take a great view of a business that is environmentally aware and doing all it can to reduce its carbon footprint, so why not advertise the fact?

●      GPS tracking devices are an effective theft deterrent and bring about more excellent theft recovery rates should your vehicle be stolen.

A worthy investment?

Choosing how to invest in your business is always tricky, especially in times of financial uncertainty. Still, spending on something that will save you money and set your business up to be more aware of its environmental impact will likely become even more important. We also know that installing a GPS vehicle tracker on the vehicles critical for your business will help you drive more effective fleet optimisation and result in greater efficiency and cost savings.

Why not chat with our team to find out how our nationwide team of vehicle tracker specialists can help you protect your fleet and the environment?