Why Farmers are Being Encouraged to Install Machinery Vehicle Trackers

Farming is not a job for the faint of heart. Farmers are some of the hardest-working people, rising early to start their day and – during harvesting times or lambing season – often going to bed when the sun goes down. Farming is about more than just the simple growing of crops or raising of livestock; it is life that people choose to follow because it is in their blood.

With the rise of technology the job may have become a little easier for farmers, with incredible farm machinery that can make some of those jobs just a little easier than they used to be; and making them more efficient. However, these machines are not cheap and are often targeted by gangs of thieves for this very reason. With this in mind, let’s take a look at why farmers are being encouraged to install trackers on their farm machinery.

Guard against theft

One of the biggest reasons that farmers should consider GPS tracking systems for their farm machinery is that they provide a way in which expensive farming equipment can be, hopefully, recovered quickly in the event of a theft. The right trackers will send an alert to the owner to indicate that the machinery has been moved, so they will know as soon as it happens. This is essential for the efficient and smooth running of any farm. After all, the lack of appropriate machinery can make some jobs incredibly time consuming, particularly with a smaller workforce.

Protect against wear and tear

In addition to being a very good way in which farmers can protect their expensive machinery against theft, vehicle tracking devices are also a good way of protecting machinery against unnecessary wear and tear. Because they alert the farmer to the movement of the vehicle they can indicate when an employee is using the machinery without authorisation.

Vehicle trackers with GPS-based applications can help the farmer in other ways as well. For example they can collect field data; fleet tracking, land levelling and even indicate how parallel lines are being drawn which can help to save both time and money. GPS navigation systems that have been specifically designed for tractors can also help to auto-steer the heavy equipment and their guidance system can also be used to help in field navigation which can make it easy to undertake the most efficient field operations.

Driver safety

Another important benefit that farmers gain when they install vehicle trackers is improved driver safety. This happens because the trackers are able to log how much time is spent driving the machinery by each driver. This can help to pinpoint when they should be taking breaks from their workload in order to ensure that they are not putting themselves and others in danger. Taking proper breaks, no matter what type of vehicle you drive or the terrain that you are on, is incredibly important.

With so many different types of tracker out there it is important to ensure that the one you have fitted to your vehicle is the right one for the job. If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for tailored advice and support.