Why You Should Install A Tracker To Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles alongside hybrid vehicles form part of the alternatively fuelled vehicle market currently growing within the UK and around the world. Almost three-quarters of a million electric vehicles are now registered and 305,000 of those were as a result of the biggest annual increase that happened in 2021, a massive leap in ownership of over 70% in 2020. A  monthly average of a little over 10% of all new cars registered during 2021 were plug-in vehicles, with a decline in traditional vehicles, in particular, less environmentally friendly diesel models taking a hit.

Given that it’s highly likely these numbers will continue to rise significantly as we are fast approaching 2030, the UK Government’s date for stopping new petrol and diesel car sales, the number of second-hand vehicles and thefts involving electric or hybrid cars is likely to rise too.

Fitting Aftermarket Trackers – The Benefits

It is now common for vehicle owners to fit aftermarket tracking devices onto their cars, lorries or vans. This is certainly something that you should consider for your electric vehicle as they are increasingly targeted. Stolen vehicle recovery rates are greatly improved if a tracker is actively working on the car. In many cases, a thief will bypass any vehicle showing a tracker fitted. They may well decide it’s not worth the bother, so the device can be an effective deterrent too.

Why do thieves give tracked vehicles a wide berth?

Quite simply, because they come with the likelihood of the vehicle being found, and in many cases, the thief doesn’t get very far before that happens. A GPS tracker reports the vehicle’s movements and location. When this happens in real-time, anyone attempting theft knows they likely will be caught, if not red-handed, then likely quickly after, no matter how well they think they have hidden the vehicle.

Electric and hybrid vehicles commonly have high market values and quiet engines, making them a target, as they can be stolen without arousing suspicion. Keyless car theft makes this even more straightforward, as vehicles can be lifted within minutes. Insurance companies know this and may charge higher vehicles without the surety of a GPS tracking device fitted.

That is why we believe our Thatcham approved Cat S5/S7 GPS trackers will reassure your insurance company, make obtaining cover easier, and it could lower your premium.

Getting help with your tracker

A GPS tracker will help you avoid becoming one of the growing numbers of electric vehicles included in the almost 90,000 vehicles targeted during 2020/21. Why not let us tell you more about the trackers we offer and how you can increase your peace of mind and protect your vehicle with an aftermarket GPS tracking fit?