SmarTrack Car And Vehicle Trackers

This month, our brand spotlight features SmarTrack, a prominent name in the world of vehicle monitoring and stolen vehicle recovery.

A little about SmarTrack

When choosing a SmarTrack car and vehicle tracker, you might be interested to know that this market leader has been in the business since 2005. SmarTrack’s vast experience gained over more than 25 years has been put to great use to bring a range of car and vehicle trackers. GPS trackers not only assist with vehicle thefts, but they are also great for keeping an eye on your vehicle’s whereabouts if, for example, someone else is driving your car.

SmarTrack has earned 21 Industry awards over 12 years, and their use of the latest technology ensures that the devices they offer are high on the list of choices for those looking to purchase a GPS, GSM or GPRS based tracker.

SmarTrack Devices

Our Thatcham approved installers and team would be more than happy to tell you even more about these great devices.

When fitting a tracking device, it’s essential to choose one that is Thatcham approved and of an insurance recognised category. The fifteen SmarTrack trackers we offer here at Fit My Tracker are within the recommended cat S5-S7 range.

Wireless systems and their innovative built-in aerials make it harder for thieves to trace, tamper or remove. Some offer additional features such as remote immobilisation, driver detection systems (DiD T), Interpol assisted DRS, 1-minute updates on motorbike specific trackers. Most are suitable for fitting to any car, van, lorry, caravan or heavy equipment, so you can be sure there is a SmarTrack device that will get the job done for you. UTrack subscribers can buy additional years protection easily when required with us also.

For fleet managers, the SmarTrack Utrack fleet tracker will allow you to see vehicles via computer or mobile with fully inclusive software provided. There is also the option to use multi geo-fencing to track a vehicle’s whereabouts and help you improve operating efficiency and monitor and report on driver movements.

SmarTrack Pricing

Tracking units can be purchased from as little as £199 (on sale from £299) through to £799. Now is a great time to see how a vehicle and car GPS tracking device can help you deter thieves from targeting your vehicle. Should the worst happen, you gain peace of mind that it can be traced and stand a better recovery chance than a vehicle without a GPS tracker.

SmarTrack Device fitting

Here at Fit My Tracker, we understand that vehicle owners all over the country need the protection offered by a SmarTrack vehicle tracker. So, we are delighted that our teams of Thatcham approved fitters operate countrywide to make it happen. Our fitting service is free as standard with any SmarTrack device you purchase from us, to make it easy to buy a SmarTrak Tracker from experts and have it fitted professionally. Get in touch with our team for more!