A Closer Look at S7 Trackers

The latest in GPS tracking technology, but why should you consider installing an S7 tracker? Here, we take a closer look at the features of an S7 tracker and what makes it a standout product on the market.

Thatcham Approved

‘Thatcham approved’ is exactly what you want to see when purchasing a security device for your vehicle. This stamp of approval from the trusted organisation means the S7 tracker meets the most stringent safety and quality standards. Increasing your security measures with a Thatcham approved SVT (stolen vehicle tracker) means your insurance company will be less likely to have to pay out for a lost or stolen vehicle. In most cases this results in a decrease in your premiums – a great additional benefit!

24/7 Control Room Monitoring

An S7 tracker is a great and cost-effective security solution for your vehicle, whether this is a Car, HGV, Van, or Motorhome. You will be instantly alerted to any suspicious activity from your vehicle, thanks to 24/7 control room monitoring with an S7 tracker. With this you can feel at ease knowing your car is protected throughout the day and the night, while you work, and while you sleep.

Global Coverage

With smart ICPO technology, the S7 tracker will protect your vehicle in the UK and across Europe. With the ICPO technology available in over 100 countries, this choice of tracker can show you the location and movement of your vehicle both here and abroad. So, even in the event your car is stolen and moved abroad, the S7 tracker will still be able to help you track your vehicle and get it returned safely. This is a unique feature and one which is growing in demand, as global movement increases. Particularly popular amongst industry fleets and HGVs, where the frequent movement of your vehicles across Europe is required.

Access via Your Smartphone

Keep in the know with direct access to your S7 tracker via your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Tracker manufacturers are now making it as simple as possible to own and utilise your tracker’s features. Access data from your tracker straight to your device, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge of your vehicle’s location no matter where you are or what you are doing. With modern technology advancing it is now easier than ever to keep your vehicle secure.

Install an S7 Tracker Today!

With this information, take a look at the range of S7 trackers we stock at FitMyTracker. You may even be required, as part of your insurance policy, to install an S7 tracker. If this is the case, get in touch with our team today. We will be more than happy to help advise you and get your S7 tracker installed quickly and securely.