What is the Best Anti-Theft Device for Motorbikes?

Motorbikes, unfortunately, have a significantly higher chance of being stolen than any other vehicle. It is estimated around 40,000 motorbikes are stolen in England and Wales annually. Motorbikes are an asset to owners, particularly when they are considered a hobby and not just a mode of transport. That is why we have considered some of the best ways to protect your prized motorbike from theft in this latest blog post!

Keep Your Bike in a Secure Location

Keeping your bike in a garage or hidden away, is a simple way to protect your bike from theft, but it certainly works. Out of sight, out of mind is the perfect solution for preventing motorbike theft. One of the reasons motorbikes are commonly stolen is because they are easier to steal than a car or van. Ensuring people are unaware that you even have a bike will reduce the chances of thieves taking a gamble by trespassing or breaking into your property. 

Lock and Chain

Instead of relying on a simple steering lock, which thieves can easily break through. Investing in a lock and chain for your bike will add extra security, making it harder for thieves to steal your bike. This will also act as a visible deterrent as passers-by will be less likely to take an interest in your bike if they notice a lock and chain. People who attempt to steal motorbikes are always more likely to go for easier targets. Make it as hard as possible and you will feel peace of mind knowing your bike is not one.

Take Advantage of GPS Tracking Devices

Taking advantage of the tracking devices available on the market will add the extra security your motorbike needs. In the event a bike is stolen, a GPS tracker will increase your chances of recovering your bike. With a GPS tracking device, you can monitor the location of your motorbike, as well as benefit from additional features such as tow-away alerts, a covert black box, and insurance discounts. At FitMyTracker we have a range of motorbike trackers from some of the best and most trusted manufacturers.

Compare the Products Available:

SmarTrack MotoTrak CAT 6 Motorbike Tracker

The SmarTrack CAT 6 Motorbike tracker offers the best security for your motorbike. With 24/7 monitoring and a year 3 warranty, you can feel at ease knowing your motorbike is protected. 

  • Various subscription options available from monthly to yearly
  • Covert black box
  • Access data from your phone or PC
  • Thatcham category 6– insurance discounts
  • 1-minute updates when running and 2 hour updates when stationary

Meta Trak M Shield

The Meta Track M Shield is the perfect entry level GPS trackers for those looking to try a tracker for the first time. With a mobile app available for IOS and Android, this device offers ease of access, whilst also being waterproof and transferable from bike to bike, making it flexible and a great investment too!

  • 12 and 24 Volt Compatible
  • 1- and 3-Year Subscription
  • Battery Low Alerts via Push Notification/Email
  • Battery Disconnect Alerts
  • Tow-Away Alerts

Meta Trak M-6 Cat 6 Tracker

A category 6 GPS trackers, suitable for those who require this level of protection according to their insurance policy.  Thatcham category 6 insurance accredited GPS tracker for motorbikes is approved to be some of the highest level of protection for your motorbike.

  • Mobile/Tablet App for IOS and Android Devices
  • Web Platform with Locate on Demand
  • 12 and 24 Volt Compatible
  • Waterproof
  • Transferable from Bike to Bike

Free Nationwide Installation

Our years of industry expertise means you will receive answers to any questions you may have about the trackers we have to offer, and our engineers will install your tracker securely and for free! Contact us today to speak to a member of our team about our motorbike trackers and find out more about our installation service.