Are GPS Trackers Worth it?

If you have heard about GPS trackers in the past and maybe considered purchasing one, you may be wondering – are they worth it?

With the installation of a GPS tracker, you will gain many benefits. Some of these benefits, you may have never even considered before. From being able to retrieve a stolen vehicle, monitoring road conditions and lowering insurance costs, we think GPS trackers are worth the cost and installation.

Retrieve a Stolen Vehicle

Statistics show the likelihood of retrieving a vehicle once it has been stolen are low. Choosing to install tracking technology to your vehicle will improve your chances of retrieving your vehicle, in the event it is stolen from you. The smart GPS technology can alert you to the location of your vehicle at any time, providing you peace of mind and security. With the costs of cars increasing and technology advancing each year, our vehicles have become precious and valuable commodities. To lose one to thieves can be shocking and expensive. Then, not being able to retrieve this car from the thieves results in individuals, families or couples losing an expensive asset and a reliable mode of transport.

Choosing to invest in a GPS tracker will increase your vehicle’s security and allow you the chance to retrieve your vehicle if it is unfortunately stolen from you. There are numerous cases to support this claim. Including reports of vehicles worth over £100,000 being retrieved from thieves in London, because of GPS tracking. We think this fact alone is enough to prove GPS trackers are worth it!

Lower Your Insurance Premiums

Alongside the peace of mind and security a GPS tracker can provide, your insurance company will also determine your vehicle safer. Therefore, the insurance company will be less likely to have to pay out for damages, thus lowering your insurance premiums. So, although you will incur a cost to keep a GPS tracker installed in your car, you inevitably will make this money back by saving on your insurance premiums – a benefit we cannot afford to ignore.

GPS Trackers for Companies

For Fleets and HGVs there are other benefits to gain from installing GPS trackers. From tracking drivers’ locations and speeds, to monitoring road conditions and traffic alerts. Keeping your vehicles, cargo, and your drivers safe and secure. As well as being able to save time and money on fuel by directing your fleet to the most efficient route. Being able to do this will help your company save time and money, by increasing the productivity and safety of your fleet. Therefore, making an ROI from the installation of GPS trackers across your fleet.

A Range of Trackers to Choose From

With our range of trackers for all types of vehicles, from cars and motorbikes to HGVs and fleets, and a 5-star rated service, we will ensure you are 100% satisfied with the product you receive from us. Contact us today to find out more about the trackers we offer, and which would be best for you!