The Myths About Vehicle Tracking 

Vehicle tracking, as we know, is an incredibly powerful form of vehicle protection. Giving you 24 hour access to your vehicle’s location, you can ensure your vehicle is safe but also track its location in the event it has been stolen, increasing your chances of vehicle recovery. 

Although GPS trackers are such useful tools and are used by so many motorists, there are still plenty of myths and misconceptions surrounding their use. In this blog, we aim to debunk the myths, clearing up any misconceptions and advising on the proper use of vehicle trackers.

1.   Trackers are difficult to install 

Although it may seem like a complicated task, vehicle trackers are easy to install. In fact, trained engineers can fit them within minutes. Sitting covertly, just under your steering wheel, vehicle trackers will not be visible to passengers or passersby, in fact, you can choose to be the only person who is aware you have a tracker fitted. At FitMyTracker, when you purchase a vehicle tracker with us, we offer free nationwide vehicle tracker fitting on any vehicle type, make or model. Saving you the hassle and worry of installing this correctly. 

2.   Trackers are not necessary for personal use vehicles 

Although GPS trackers are really useful devices for business fleets and HGVs, this does not mean they are not practical solutions for personal vehicles. Even if you just drive your car to the shops and back, installing a vehicle tracker not only helps to protect your vehicle but may also lower your insurance premiums too! For us, there’s really no downside to installing a vehicle tracker to your car or van.

3.   Thieves can bypass vehicle trackers 

One of the most common misconceptions about vehicle trackers that we hear from customers is that thieves are able to bypass vehicle trackers. Although there is some concern that thieves can disable trackers with their own devices, the most modern and latest vehicle trackers are designed to offer a very low risk of disablement. In addition to the fact that they are very well hidden, it is unlikely that a thief would be able to bypass your vehicle tracker before being caught. 

4.   It doesn’t matter what vehicle tracker you buy they all do the same thing 

This is indeed false. There is a huge market of vehicle trackers out there to choose from. Some of the main manufacturers include Meta Trak, SmartTrack, and Vodafone, all three of which we stock online at FitMyTracker. When shopping for a GPS vehicle tracker, it is important to consider all the features you desire from a tracker and the various options available. 

For example, you could choose between a S5 or a S7 tracker, depending on the requirements of your insurance provider. 

5.   Trackers are only useful for location monitoring 

Although the key feature of a vehicle tracker is location monitoring, they have also been desired to offer drivers a wide number of additional features. For fleet tracking, in particular, the option to monitor fuel consumption and driving behaviour is equally as useful. 

If this blog has helped to clear any of your concerns about vehicle tracking and you would like more information, our team of experts are available to answer your questions. Just get in touch via our contact form today. We can discuss the various options we have available and explain our process for fitting a vehicle tracker to your car, van, motorbike, or other type of vehicle. .