Protect Your HGV Drivers with a Vehicle Tracker

HGVs are valuable targets for thieves hoping to take their chance at stealing large amounts of expensive goods, without a care for the safety and wellbeing of the driver. Across the country we have seen a major loss in the number of secure spaces available for lorry drivers to take shelter and seek protection during the night. This lack of secure space, results in thieves ‘taking a chance’. Leaving huge amounts of damage both to vehicles, cargo, and your drivers’ peace of mind. At FitMyTracker we would encourage any Haulage company or organisation, who rely on the use of HGV vehicles, to consider a GPS tracker for the safety and protection of both their drivers and cargo.

How Does a GPS Tracker Work?

HGV trackers use GPS technology (Global Positioning System). This technology uses satellites to send location information to your GPS tracker. The GPS tracker sends the data from these satellites to you via a mobile app, or to a third-party control centre. Not only does this data inform you of the location of the vehicle, but other very useful information too. Including; when the ignition is turned on or off, speed, engine condition. The app, in conjunction with the third-party control centre, will alert you to any suspicious behaviour or unusual activity with your vehicle.

Track Stolen Vehicles

With the intelligent GPS tracking technology, you can locate your vehicle from any location, at any time. If you are concerned for a driver and the location of your HGV vehicle, your GPS tracker can alert you to a change in location. This would give you the power to direct the relevant authorities to the location of your vehicle if, your driver was to be in danger or at risk of theft.

Other Benefits of a GPS Tracker

As well as protecting your drivers from theft, you can also keep them safe by monitoring road conditions. Including, weather, traffic alerts and road diversions. Therefore, you will have the ability to keep your drivers on the safest and most convenient route for the job.

A GPS tracker can also alert you to any dangerous driving such as speeding. Again, giving you the ability to keep not only your drivers safe but also other road users too.

The Best Vehicle Tracking Devices Available on the Market Today

At FitMyTracker we pride ourselves on being able to offer you an exceptional service. We supply the best vehicle tracking devices available to the market. Our engineers, with years of industry knowledge and experience, will fit your GPS tracker for you with care and precision. Your HGV drivers will feel a sense of peace and security knowing their location is being monitored and their safety is your top priority.  Get in contact with us today for more information about our trackers for HGVs.