Do I Need a Thatcham Tracker?

Trackers are an important security tool that every car and vehicle owner will find useful. Tracking devices are an essential for anyone who owns a high-value vehicle. There are many benefits to investing in a GPS tracker: safety, anti-theft protection, and saving on your insurance premiums are to name a few.

However, there are only certain types of vehicle trackers that are insurance approved. Thatcham approved trackers are one of these.

What is a Thatcham Tracker?

A Thatcham approved tracker are trackers that have been tested by Thatcham to ensure safety, effectiveness, and security. If you have a Thatcham approved tracker you know your vehicle has a high chance of recovery if ever stolen. The peace of mind that comes with having  a Thatcham tracker is a benefit on its own! 

There are different types of trackers that are Thatcham approved, so it’s important to know which one is suitable for your vehicle.

The Types of Thatcham Trackers

Different vehicles require varying amounts of security. High value vehicles attract criminals and so need a higher level of protection. There are two categories of trackers that are Thatcham approved. 

The first type are S5 trackers. These trackers offer the highest level of protection. The second type are S7 trackers that are suitable for most cars and vehicles. There are a few differences between these two categories

The Differences Between S5 and S7 Trackers 

As mentioned before, S5 trackers provide a higher level of security and protection. This sounds confusing as you’d expect the higher number to be more powerful, but it’s important to note this key difference. 

S7 trackers are the new standard technology for vehicle trackers. Being the most affordable option for vehicle tracking, S7 Thatcham trackers are the most commonly fitted tracker for all cars and vehicles. S7 trackers allow GPS tracking so you can locate your vehicle anywhere in Europe. 

Category S5 trackers have all of the qualities of an S7 tracker, with the added benefit of automatic driver recognition. Being the most advanced and high quality tracker on the market, you can’t get better vehicle protection than an S5 tracker. Mainly used for high-value vehicles, S5 trackers are greatly effective in preventing theft.

Installing a Thatcham Vehicle Tracker

At FitMyTracker, we have specialist engineers located across the country that will come and fit your tracker with efficiency. We also offer free advice over the phone, contact us today for any enquiries.