Why You Need A Vehicle Immobiliser

Car theft is a serious threat amongst vehicle owners everywhere. If you have a high value vehicle that you’re worried about becoming a thieves next target; you may need extra protection. 

A GPS tracker is the go-to effective method from theft, but have you considered an extra measure? A brand new vehicle immobiliser goes hand in hand with GPS trackers to give your vehicle the ultimate protection.

What is a Vehicle Immobiliser?

A vehicle immobiliser is an electronic device that’s planted in every car made after October 1998. 

It works by transmitting a signal when the key is inserted. The engine will only start once it receives this signal. This puts a stop to thieves’ jump starting method. Most cars will have a factory-fitted immobiliser, however some cars may not have one or may have had  theirs removed. 

For high value vehicles, there are more advanced immobilisers that offer a whole host of new features than standard ones. The following are some of the many benefits an advanced thatcham approved immobiliser has to offer.

Extra Security With an Immobiliser

Your car is one of your most valuable assets, it’s well worth investing in extra security precautions to protect it. One of the major benefits of vehicle immobilisers is making sure your vehicle is kept safe and sound. 

With our immobilisers, there’s plenty of security precautions that come with it. Entering specific codes and linking up your phone are just a few. This extra measure could be the difference between having your car stolen.

More Effective Than Audible Alarms 

Car alarms are notorious for going off due to the slightest bump. We’ve all completely ignored a car alarm before. It’s been found that these types of alarms aren’t actually that useful in preventing theft. Vehicle immobilisers on the other hand, are much more effective and advanced. 

One of our immobilisers we stock here at FitMyTracker can prevent key theft, key cloning, and hacking. A much stronger approach to theft than standard car alarms. 

Can Reduce Your Insurance Premium 

A big plus when it comes to vehicle immobilisers is that they can actually save you money on your insurance. Having safety devices such as a GPS tracker and an advanced immobiliser can bring down your insurance. Your insurance company knows the likelihood of theft with these devices installed is unlikely, meaning you may get a better deal.

Free Nationwide Installation 

Did you know that at FitMyTracker, we offer a free nationwide installation service? With specialist engineers located across the country, we can fit your tracker for free. Contact us for more information and any enquiries you may have.