How to Improve Efficiency with the Right GPS Trackers

We sympathise with business owners looking for ways to run things more efficiently. Finding solutions for this can result in better earning potential and an overall service for your clients. At FitMyTracker, we believe with the right tools you can run your business more efficiently. Vehicle GPS trackers are a great addition to any business working with fleets of vehicles.

How a vehicle GPS tracker will improve efficiency amongst your fleet

Whether you have a small fleet with just a handful of vehicles out on the road or a multi-national organisation with thousands of vehicles as part of your fleet, the installation of a vehicle tracker to your fleet will make things easier.

A vehicle tracker will give you the capability to monitor your drivers’ driving behaviour, your fleet’s fuel consumption, traffic and weather conditions, and route options. With this, the fleet can be monitored and organised efficiently, keeping costs down and saving time. This all results in a greater earning potential for your business and faster delivery or service times for your clients.

To give an example of one way you can utilise your vehicle trackers to improve efficiency is to suggest faster routes to your drivers. By monitoring the routes, they usually take, analysing the fuel consumption and traffic conditions, you can find faster, more efficient routes.

Theft recovery solution

On top of this, the main reason for the installation of a vehicle tracker is the security feature they offer. Using GPS technology, you can monitor the location of your fleet 24/7. The GPS tracking system will signal an alert to you, in the instance any of your vehicles are stolen. This will be triggered by any suspicious movement. Data from your tracker can then be used to inform the authorities of your stolen vehicle. As a result, increasing your chances of retrieving the vehicle.

Reduced insurance premiums

By installing a vehicle tracker, you may benefit from a reduction in your insurance costs. Your insurance company will recognise this additional security feature and will determine whether you can benefit from reduced premiums. As a fleet manager the cost of insurance for your vehicles will no doubt be high. Despite the cost of installing vehicle trackers, this benefit certainly outweighs the costs.

FitMyTracker – Fleet GPS Trackers

At FitMyTracker we stock a range of fleet trackers from some of the market leading manufacturers. Offering a number of convenient features, including European coverage and optional driver recognition and engine immobilisation. With these you can also access reports and timesheets and set your own speed limit alerts. You may even benefit from a reduction in your insurance premiums with the right fleet trackers installed. Explore the range of fleet GPS trackers available on our site and get in touch with us for free nationwide installation.