How to Protect Your Plant Equipment and Machinery from Theft

Whether you are a farmer, plant hire business or contractor, the safety and protection of your equipment and machinery is vital to the security and stability of your business. Vehicle trackers may not seem like an obvious solution for theft prevention for plant equipment and machinery. However, the theft of plant machinery will cost a staggering amount of money to replace. Unfortunately it is reported, only 5% of stolen plant equipment and machinery is returned to the original owner after a theft or burglary. Choosing to install a covert tracker to your machinery and equipment will provide you guaranteed peace of mind.

What Does a Tracker Do?

By installing a tracker you will benefit from 24 hour monitoring of your vehicle. Your tracker will alert you to the movement of your equipment or machinery from a set location with an additional benefit of smart geo-fence tracking. So, if you were to be a victim of theft you would be more likely to recover your stolen vehicle, unlike those farmers, business owners or contractors without a tracker.

Prevent Theft

Having a covert tracker on your vehicle will not be obvious to peering eyes. To make people aware of your tracker is to place a simple sign or sticker on or around the vehicle alerting others to the 24-hour surveillance of the vehicle, which will act as a great deterrent. You can also follow other simple steps to help deter people from taking an interest in your expensive equipment and machinery. For example:

  1. Ensure the perimeter of your land or property is secure. This could be in the form of fencing, gates, and locks.
  2. Install security lights and alarms to buildings where vehicles and machinery is stored.
  3. Warning signs across the property or piece of land to deter thieves from entering the premises.
  4. Double check everything is securely locked away at night. This is the most popular time for thieves to take their chance.
  5. View your property or land from the point of view of the thieves. Are there any obvious weaknesses in your security measures?

Our Range of Trackers

At FitMyTracker we have a range of trackers to choose from. Take a look at what we have available to find out more about the benefits of installing a tracker. If you have any questions you can also contact us, and our experienced team will get back to you.