How Vehicle Trackers Assist Police Against Theft

Vehicle theft runs rampant in the UK, with an average of 237 reported stolen every day last year. The reasons for these high numbers are because there’s only a limited number of ways police can track down and charge these criminals. In many cases, unless the car is reported stolen straight away, not much can be done. Police think the rise in car theft in the UK is due to organised crime, so it’s more important than ever to protect your vehicle against thieves. 

The best way to protect your vehicle and assist police in recovering your vehicle if stolen, is to invest in a vehicle tracker.

Only 1 in 20 Car Thieves Are Caught

This staggering statistic is incredibly alarming for car and vehicle owners across the country. It seems as though unless you have sufficient protection, once your car gets into the hands of criminals it’s gone for good. This is where vehicle trackers come into the equation.

With 1 car being stolen every 5 minutes, the issue is of serious concern. There’s only a limited number of resources available to help protect your car from theft, which is one of the reasons these figures are so astonishing.

How Trackers Work To Catch Thieves 

Fortunately, there is an effective solution available! GPS trackers for cars and other vehicles are the best anti-theft protection on the market. Once a tracker is installed into your vehicle, you will be able to know its location at all times. 

This sort of device is incredibly useful for the police working on cases of car theft. If you have a tracker, police can then track the location of your vehicle, arrest the thief, and recover your vehicle. The best possible outcome for all parties (except the thief of course). 

At FitMyTracker, our high quality vehicle trackers are fitted specifically to your vehicles requirements, they all have their own bespoke features to suit your vehicle’s needs. Meaning you get the absolute most for your money. 

Where To Buy Trusted Vehicle Trackers

At FitMyTracker, we are dedicated to providing you with the maximum security for your vehicle. We stock quality thatcham approved trackers that are insurance approved. Meaning you may be able to save on your insurance premium. The most important thing though, is that your vehicle has a much higher chance of being recovered in the event of theft, as police can track it down and return it to you. 
If you have any questions, or would like to find out more information, contact us today. We’d be happy to assist you.