Why You Need A GPS Tracker For Your Caravan This Summer

As summer is approaching, you may be thinking about where you’ll be off on holiday this year. If you own a caravan then taking off across the country may be on your agenda. Owning a caravan is a brilliant opportunity to explore the UK, but it shouldn’t come with any worries. 

Caravan theft has risen in recent years, this means that investing in extra protection against thieves is more important than ever. The most effective way to do this is through a GPS tracker. 

Here are a few of the main reasons why you need a GPS caravan tracker this summer. 

Deter Thieves 

Caravan trackers can not only track your vehicle, but also serve as a brilliant deterrent against thieves. Even though our vehicle trackers are all discreet, if you stick a sign on your caravan informing passersby you have a GPS tracker installed, any opportunist thieves are likely to look elsewhere. 

Thieves look for easy targets, they don’t want the hassle of possibly getting caught. This is why when these criminals are aware that the vehicle they’re targeting has a tracker installed, they’ll leave it alone. Having a much higher chance of being caught is not worth it for them. 

Peace Of Mind

The last thing you’d want to be worrying about on your summer holiday is your caravan being stolen. When you venture out during the day, the anxiety of having your caravan stolen by thieves may be lingering at the back of your mind. This is something you shouldn’t have to worry about, but with vehicle theft rates so high in the UK, you may not be able to help it. 

Knowing you have a caravan tracker can help you relax, give you peace of mind, and allow you to enjoy your travels that much more.

Save On Your Insurance

One of the many benefits of having a GPS tracker installed in your caravan is the cost effective side of it. Not only are you potentially saving yourself a huge amount of hassle and money that having your caravan stolen would bring, you may save money on your insurance too. This is because many insurance companies know the value of vehicle trackers. These companies know that your caravan is unlikely to be stolen, and much more likely to be recovered if it happens. 

This is why at FitMyTracker, we stock many thatcham approved trackers that meet the highest standards. 
If you’d like to find out more information, feel free to contact us today. We’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have.