What Is Relay Car Theft?

As technology advances, our cars become smarter. Unfortunately, as do thieves. Soon discovering new ways to access cars and make away with them within minutes. Thanks to this latest technology, cars can now be entered without the need for a key and lock barrel style entry. Instead, most new cars are made using a push-button start system. Meaning as long as the fob is on your person you can enter your vehicle with ease. One of the latest ways thieves are able to target keyless entry vehicles is to use a method known as ‘relay car theft’ or a ‘relay attack’.

How relay car theft works

For thieves to target a keyless entry vehicle via a relay attack, they would be in possession of a device which is capable of tricking the key into broadcasting its signal, in order to unlock the car.

For thieves to do this there would normally be at least two of them in proximity of your vehicle and your property. One thief would have to be within a close enough distance in order to pick up the signal of your key fob. Normally they are able to do this from your driveway or from the street in front of your house. While the other is standing near your vehicle with a receiver device to unlock your vehicle using the key’s signal. Allowing the car to be unlocked and started without the key fob actually being in their possession.

Reports of relay attacks show thieves are able to get away within minutes, undetected and without having to cause any damage. For the most part, attacks like this in quiet hours of the night can occur so quickly and easily you would not realise anything has happened until you wake in the morning.

Are you at risk of relay car theft?

Since modern cars are all being installed with keyless entry technology, you will not be surprised to know that anyone within ownership of a vehicle with this technology is at risk of relay car theft. This includes both new cars and vans. Since the technology hit the market several years ago, car designers have been aware of this new type of theft and are working to find ways to beat the thieves. Working to improve their car’s security measures. This continues to a be challenge for car manufacturers, so additional security measures are useful for vehicle owners to consider.  

Vehicle Trackers to protect your car from theft

Since relay car theft is so easily carried out and can be completed in near silence, it can be difficult to challenge this. By installing a covert GPS vehicle tracker to your car or van, you may be able to retrieve your vehicle in the event of falling victim to relay car theft. A GPS vehicle tracker will monitor the location of your vehicle 24/7. With the thieves unaware of this device being fitted to your vehicle, you can quite easily hand over the data of the device to the police who will have a much higher chance of tracking, locating, and retrieving your vehicle after it is stolen. Check out our range of GPS vehicle trackers from FitMyTracker and get in touch with our team for FREE Nationwide installation.