New Possibilities for Fleet Tracking in 2024

In recent years, vehicle manufacturers have made – and continue to make – great advances in security measures, enabling us to keep our vehicles as safe from theft as possible. However, according to the Office for National Statistics, the stolen vehicle figures are still running too high, as the latest figures for 2022 have shown.

The theft of and from HGVs in particular continues to cost businesses large amounts of revenue. Plant machinery and fleet cars don’t escape attention from organised thieves either.

This is why owners of fleet vehicles are advised to protect their assets with the most up-to-date security products on the market. The most effective of which are GPS trackers, and as a leading supplier of fleet tracking devices we can vouch for their effectiveness – increasing year on year – in keeping vehicles safe and in safe and effective fleet management.

Fleet tracking is not just about preventing theft. There are numerous benefits to be gained in 2024 when you fit fleet trackers to your commercial vehicles, including:

Monitoring Driver Behaviour

The behaviour of your drivers out on the road has a big impact on how your business is perceived, whether through how they treat the vehicle or how their driving is perceived. Trend reports can help you root out driver issues before they become a problem.

Reducing Fuel Expenses

When you utilise GPS fleet tracking you can continue to see where savings can be made, for instance through preventing unauthorised use of vehicles and unverified fuel card purchases. Fleet tracking can provide automatic alerts for any after hours use and can monitor your driver’s route to ascertain any unauthorised journeys through real time location monitoring.

Rapid Recovery of a Stolen Vehicle

Should the worst happen, be assured that GPS fleet tracking can send instant alerts to your mobile phone, the police or a central security monitoring unit to give you the best chance of getting your vehicle and its contents back quickly. GPS and fleet tracking technology continues to improve and advance constantly, which not only gives the fleet owner peace of mind but also helps to bring down the cost of insurance premiums, so a win-win situation all round.

Here at Fit My Tracker we work with a number of big brands including Meta Trak, SmarTrack and Vodafone, all of whom we trust to bring you the latest in fleet tracking technology. We also know how essential it is for businesses large and small to be able to monitor real time speed and usage of their vehicles to maximise profits and minimise costs whether here in the UK or abroad.

This is why we can offer expert advice on the very latest fleet tracking products and how you can use these to improve the efficiency and logistics of your operations. Whether it’s monitoring speed and usage you need, efficient routing options, access reports and time sheets, or asset tracking, we can advise you on the best option for you. With the right fleet tracking option you can even get European coverage.

Contact us today to get your fleet protected.