London Boroughs With the Highest Levels of Car Theft

With the advances in vehicle security you would expect a reduction in theft figures and indeed, in certain parts of the country the figures have gone down. In London however, it was reported that London car theft numbers were at their highest point in three years and it is thought that this is largely down to the rise in keyless entry.

The Metropolitan Police reported a 16% rise in car thefts across London in the year up to June 2022 with around 32,294 vehicles being stolen. In the twelve months up to June 2022 the London car theft top prize went to the Borough of Enfield with 1,862 cars stolen. This was closely followed by Newham, Barnet, Croydon, Redbridge, Barking and Dagenham. Car theft is not unknown in the more well-off areas either with Kingston, Richmond and Islington having their share of the London car theft figures.

Here at Fit My Tracker we are big believers in protecting our cars with as many devices as possible both mechanical – steering locks and wheel locks – and technological – alarms and trackers. Anything you can do to put off a thief from targeting you is going to give you a greater chance of keeping hold of your vehicle. A car tracker is one of the best devices you can install to your vehicle for the very highest level of security and for peace of mind that you can avoid becoming a London car theft statistic.

Factors Driving the Theft of Cars in London

Insurers have said that the price of used car parts and the difficulty in getting them, particularly since the Covid pandemic disrupted supplies, along with the high prices of used and new cars is one of the prime causes behind the increased car theft figures.

The rise in keyless entry technology is also a major factor. This is where a thief will stand near your car and use a transmitter or other device to look for the signal emitting from your car’s key fob. The transmitter, on detecting the signal, fools the car into thinking that your key is nearby and then unlocks the car and allows the thief to drive it away. One way you can prevent this particular scenario is by keeping your key fob in a Faraday pouch which blocks the signal.

Consider a Car Tracker

Should the worst happen and if your car is fitted with a GPS tracker then you will have a good chance of recovering your vehicle very quickly. However, the presence of a car tracker, advertised by a sticker on the window, will undoubtedly put off all but the most determined of car thieves.

London car drivers probably pay some of the highest insurance premiums in the country so when you consider this it makes sense to take all the steps you can to bring down your premiums. A Thatcham-approved car tracker with theft deterrent and vehicle recovery capabilities is one of the best ways in which you can convince your insurer you’re doing everything you can to protect your car from becoming a London car theft statistic.