Parking 101: Where to Park to Prevent Car Theft

Car theft is a serious problem here in the UK. In fact, there were around 58,000 vehicle thefts in 2022 according to the DVLA. This shocking number is enough to warrant fear from vehicle owners up and down the country. If you’re rightfully afraid of your car being stolen then the team here at FitMyTracker would love to help. 

Where you park can either boost or reduce your risk of vehicle theft, which is why it’s important to know how to choose the right location. The following is some top tips and advice on where best to work to avoid thieves.

In your garage where possible 

If you have a garage, then always taking the time to park in there is your safest and most secure option. It’s very risky for criminals to attempt to break into a garage to steal a car, and therefore unlikely for it to happen.

Your driveway facing forward

The second safest bet is your driveway. Cars parked close to houses are less likely to be targeted as there is a higher risk of being caught. Parking facing your house and away from the road is also a good idea as it makes it harder for a potential thief to get away. Having to turn around adds time and difficulty to their getaway and increases their risk of someone catching them.

Well lit areas 

Taking the extra time to park in a well-lit area can reduce your chances of your car being stolen. Because of the high risk of being caught, well lit areas deter potential car thieves. All in all it’s well worth parking somewhere well-lit as opposed to a dark and secluded area. 

Busy areas

Similarly, busy areas are a great place to park. Not wanting to risk the chances of being seen, criminals tend to avoid busy areas and go elsewhere. If you’re searching for a place to park and have the choice between a secluded area and a busy one, always choose the busy area! Even if it’s slightly further for you to walk. 

Illuminated car parks 

Well-lit car parks are a deterrent for vehicle thieves. With other people and cars around in a brightly lit space, there’s not an easy way for them to get away unnoticed. Just make sure you have taken other safety measures as well to be extra safe. 

Other safety measures include car trackers and immobilisers. At FitMyTracker, we sell a variety of quality Thatcham approved trackers that are effective in preventing car theft. 
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