Preventing car theft: Advice from the police 

Unfortunately, car theft is still a serious issue in the UK. All types of vehicles are targeted by criminals, as less expensive models have valuable parts that thieves wish to sell. This is why it’s important to know what to do in order to protect yourself and your automobile from theft. Read some helpful pieces of advice from the police in the following guide. 

Lock the car

People can reduce the chances of their cars being stolen by criminals if they lock the vehicles whenever they’re not inside. That includes short periods of time such as when drivers stop for fuel. Check your car’s sunroof and windows to make sure they’re not open when you step away from the vehicle, as just locking it isn’t enough. Letting engines run when de-icing and warming up cars in the winter season is considered illegal. This is why, if a person steals your car when you leave it in this state, your insurance won’t cover that. 

Protect keyless entries

When you’re home, remember to place the car key, as well as the spare one, far away from your vehicle. To achieve this, you could use signal-blocking or screened pouches like Faraday Bags. Turning off the wireless signals on the fob whenever it’s not in use is also helpful.  Another thing you can do is reprogramme your keys when buying a second-hand car. 

Watch out for carjackers

Simply being inside the car doesn’t guarantee you that thieves won’t try to steal your vehicle. Remember to keep all doors locked in traffic. In case your car gets bumped from behind, keep driving until you find a safe spot to stop the vehicle. Try to find a space or area surrounded by people. You shouldn’t take any chances since the person who’s collided with you might turn out to be a hijacker. The best thing to do if you start to feel suspicious is to call the police and let them know about your current situation. 

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