Self-driving vehicles coming to the UK very soon

Do you want to know when self-driving automobiles will become available to purchase in the UK? Are you interested in efficient ways to ensure and maintain the safety of your future vehicle? Keep reading to find out about self-driving cars hitting British roads in the future, as well as what you can do in order to protect them from theft in this guide. 

When will self-driving cars be available in the UK?

Human error is at fault in 80% of all car accidents. This makes the idea of self-driving automobiles appealing. The Government invested £100 million into making such self-driving vehicles a reality in the UK. This project is an investment of public money and various that cars, coaches, and lorries that have self-driving features are meant to hit UK roads in the near future. 

On the 19th of August the Government mentioned that £34 million would be used on research concerning safety developments, £20 million would be spent to kick-start commercial self-driving services, and £6 million would help with both market research and commercialisation. 

Self-driving cars should be available to purchase in 2023. These vehicles are still going to demand valid licences in order for people to drive them. 

Who will be held responsible in case of accidents?

The most recent legislation states in the UK manufacturers will be responsible for these cars’ actions when they’re used in the self-driving mode. Manufacturers are also going to be in charge of checking whether a vehicle meets all of the necessary requirements in order to be used. 

How to protect self-driving cars from thieves

Even though self-driving cars are considered to be harder to steal, as they offer more protection from thieves, you can still do your part and ensure your vehicle’s safety. Installing GPS tracking systems to your car is a great way to achieve just that. Having a tracker allows you to monitor your car’s live location. In this way, if the automobile gets stolen, you can use the app to track your car and increase the chances of getting it back. 

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