What is a vehicle immobiliser and why do you need one?

UK citizens have been car theft victims for a few years. For example, in the recent article from the mail online statistics show that in Greater Manchester, in 2021, there were 25,495 vehicles stolen, which represents an increase of 5% since 2020. This means 9 cars stolen per one thousand households. These are worrying numbers that you should take into consideration when you think about whether to invest in your car’s safety or not. Read about vehicle immobilisers and what they do below.

How immobilisers work

vehicle immobilisers are security devices that are meant to stop your vehicle from starting whenever the wrong key is used. There are both electronic and physical immobilisers on the market. The physical ones include steering wheel locks. In order to get an automobile to start, its key or key fob has to send a code to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). 

When the code is the right one, the car activates the ignition, fuel, and starter motor systems. When the code is incorrect and when somebody tries to hotwire the car, an electronic immobiliser will prevent the vehicle from starting by stopping the ignition, fuel, and starter motor systems from working together. 

How a vehicle immobiliser can affect your car insurance

Car immobilisers typically reduce your insurance cost. This happens as the device should make the vehicle more difficult to steal. If your automobile doesn’t already have an immobiliser and you’re considering getting one, it’s a good idea to buy one approved by Thatcham. These security devices are the ones that most insurers recommend and that will most certainly lead to the biggest savings. You can purchase one from us, as we only sell Thatcham approved immobilisers. 

What to do if you’re having car immobiliser problems

If the immobiliser you purchased doesn’t work and, as a result, you’re unable to start your own car, this could be due to a dead battery in your key fob. In that case, a simple battery change can be the solution. If you can get into your car, but the engine won’t start, you should take the key out of the ignition, and leave it for a few minutes before trying again. You could also try to leave the key in the ignition and see if this activates the system.

Some key fobs have manual keys, as well. For those, you typically have to slide the cover off the fob. When the fob fails to start the car, use the physical key, as that will work. If you’re still having issues, it’s always a good idea to call your local dealership from which you got the vehicle. They can get you a replacement key fob and they can also find out whether there’s a mechanical or electronic problem with your car.

For the most efficient immobilisers, turn to us at FitMyTracker. Our team is here to help you ensure the safety of your vehicle. We look forward to working with you.