The danger of stolen cars shipped abroad

According to the BBC news, the Wilsons’ £100k stolen Range Rover Sport was eventually found in Tilbury. The Essex couple’s car was en route to Africa. It only took the criminals 63 seconds to steal the vehicle from their gated home. This means that it’s important to know ways in which you can retrieve automobiles in case of theft. Keep reading this article to discover how you can achieve that, as well as how to ensure your vehicle’s safety in the first place. 

Install GPS tracking devices 

Installing a GPS tracking device to your car will help you retrieve the vehicle if stolen. This is because trackers are equipped with GPS technology that allows you to trace your vehicle. First, you need to have a professional install a Thatcham approved tracker on your car. Once you’ve done that, all you have left to do is download the necessary app on a smartphone.

Doing so will help you view the live location of the vehicle at all times. You’ll also be able to access the speed it’s being driven at in case of theft. Another plus is the fact that you will always receive instant alerts if anyone is attempting to break into your car and drive it away. In this way, you’ll be able to track the vehicle in order to get it back.

Keep your electronic car key safe

Thieves make use of devices that can steal the car key’s signal in order to open your vehicle. If you wish to protect your car keys, put them in a Faraday pouch or a metal box or wrap them in tin foil. They all help block electromagnetic waves from criminals’ devices.

Choose your parking spot carefully 

You can further ensure the safety and security of your car by parking it in a well lit space. You may also opt for areas with lots of people around to see the vehicle at all times. Another useful way to protect your car is to find CCTV systems and park the vehicle in clear view of the cameras. By doing this, you’re making thieves rethink their target, as they wouldn’t risk getting caught. 

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