The installation and removal of a car tracker

If you’re familiar with what GPS tracking devices are and what they do, but you don’t know how to install and remove them, here’s a useful guide to help you. 

How to install a tracking device

There are three different types of car trackers you can install. They are the following:


The easiest type of tracking device to install in a vehicle is the OBD one. It’s also the quickest one to install, as this GPS tracker only needs to be plugged into the 16-pin port on your car. After that, it will begin to help you track the automobile and gather any relevant and significant data about your car and how it’s being driven. 

Hardwired to the battery

Alternatively, you can go for a GPS tracking device that’s hardwired to the battery. This car tracker is relatively easy to install, but it’s best to go to a mechanic. The advantage of having a hardwired tracker is the fact that it’s not noticeable, so thieves won’t be aware of it. In this way, you can track your car in order to get it back. 


This wireless tracker is small and doesn’t need any installation whatsoever. All you have to do is choose where to place it in the car. Always make sure the device is turned on and functioning properly. The portable GPS tracking device presents the same features as the other previously mentioned trackers, but its size makes it easy to hide. No one attempting to or actually breaking into and stealing your car won’t know it’s there. 

How to remove unwanted GPS car trackers

If you spot an unwanted car tracker in your vehicle, you need to know how to remove it. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task, since it actually depends on what kind of GPS device has been planted in your car. If you manage to find a wired one, don’t tamper with it and don’ttry to unplug it, either. 

Simply determine what wires are coming from the tracker and then cut them off. It’s important to only do this if you’re 100% certain that the wires are coming from the tracker. You could end up cutting the wrong wire, which might do some damage to the car. Driving a faulty vehicle is extremely dangerous, so it’s best to go to a trained mechanic.

If you can spot a battery-powered tracker, that one is quite simple to remove. They’re typically attached to your car with adhesive. You’ll only find OBD trackers on the on-board diagnostics port of your vehicle. If you do, you can just unplug them. In the case of a hard-wired tracker, the only thing you can actually do is ask a professional to help you find it. 

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