The UK’s Most Stolen Cars

Rates of stolen cars in the UK went up by 33% from 2019 in 2020. We do not expect these figures to fall either as we head into the second half of 2021. With keyless car theft on the rise and criminals working as part of organised crime groups to target specific models, here are some of the most stolen cars in the UK, from data retrieved in 2020.

The Top 3 Most Stolen Cars in the UK

  1. Taking the number one spot for most stolen car in the UK (2020) is the popular Ford Fiesta. This may come as a surprise to some, who were expecting a car with a more prestigious badge. The sheer popularity of this car has gathered attention from both eager car fanatics and, unfortunately, car thieves.
  • Followed closely by family favourite – Range Rover. These cars have certainly grown in popularity over the last few years. Although they aren’t a super sporty car with high speeds, thieves seem to target them for their status symbol.
  • Taking the third spot for 2020 was the Volkswagen Golf. 1,795 were reported stolen last year. Almost unsurprisingly, as this car has repeatedly been a part of this list for a number of years. The Golf is the third best-selling car in the UK. Thanks to its popularity and fanbase the Gold is an attractive purchase for petrol heads. Making it a valuable machine, thieves will be willing to go to lengths to get their hands on.

Other cars making an appearance on the list were the Ford Focus, Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 series, and Audi A6. According to data from the ONS, 72% of vehicles which are stolen in the UK are not returned to their owners. They have also reported that 36% of those stolen vehicles are taken via keyless entry. Keyless theft is becoming a big problem for car owners and is difficult for the police to tackle, as thieves advance in their tactics. They are now able to unlock vehicles and get the engine started within seconds without the need to break a window, causing little damage and even worse – without anybody noticing.

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