Top tips for everyday vehicle security

It’s important to be aware of how to protect your vehicle against thieves. Here at FitMyTracker we have the best solution for car theft. We offer the most efficient Thatcham-approved GPS trackers on the market for the safety and security of your automobile. They’re so helpful when it comes to auto theft. What’s more, they’re really necessary these days, as the UK seems to suffer from cars being stolen more and more. Read below about what you can do to fight the dangers of leaving your car unattended. 

Don’t leave items on display in your automobile

It’s understandable that you can’t watch your car 24/7, but with the vacancy of your vehicle comes the issue of auto theft or damages being done to the automobile. One thing you can do to offer your car as much protection as possible is to remember not to leave things on display in your vehicle. If something is visible enough for someone walking past your car to notice it, especially if it’s a valuable item, chances are a thief will try to break into your automobile to steal it. The criminals might decide the car is expensive enough for them to start it, drive it away, and sell it to somebody else, too. This is a small action you can take to prevent your vehicle from being broken into. All you need to do is develop a routine of checking if your things are hidden well enough when you leave your car. 

Don’t leave the engine running when you’re out of the car

Car thieves are aware that people leave their vehicle for a few minutes at a time to go to the shop, for example, and, in that time, they leave the engine running. This happens particularly in colder weather, as it takes longer for automobiles to heat up after you start them. By leaving the keys in the ignition, people ensure the car doesn’t lose any heat while they’re gone and that the vehicle will be ready for the owner to drive off immediately. Even though it may feel inconvenient to do it, try to always take the keys out of the ignition and lock the car when you leave it, even if you’re only gone for 5 minutes. This makes sure your car is safe from thieves and more secure when you can’t watch it. 

Park your vehicle somewhere you can see it well 

Although it may require a longer walk from your car to your destination, parking your vehicle further away from wherever it is you wish to go is always safer if it means your automobile can be easily spotted. Parking behind bushes, walls, or large automobiles is risky, as these are the perfect places for criminals to hide and break into your car and steal it. Park in residential areas at night, since people are more likely to be at home instead of at work. 

Keep your car keys far from all house entries 

Making sure that your vehicle fob is out of sight is not enough to secure your car, as thieves can still copy its code. Criminals simply need to be in the proximity of your automobile key to amplify the signal and use it to break into your vehicle. Thieves can steal your possessions from your car or drive away your automobile and sell it later. They may also keep it for themselves. The danger of storing your vehicle keys in plain sight is actually dangerous. Create a routine of checking your keys are kept in a safe place daily to prevent car thieves from accessing them. 

If you want to do more than that to ensure your car’s safety, consider investing in high-quality steering locks, tracking devices, and immobilisers. At FitMyTracker we offer a great selection of Thatcham-approved GPS trackers and immobilisers. Don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any questions about our products or services. We’re here to provide you with all the necessary information you need.