Why now’s the time to get a car tracker

Car theft is becoming more and more serious in the UK. This is due to the fact that criminals are stealing automobiles and breaking them down for their valuable parts. According to Express, some regions in the UK are experiencing a 30% increase in targets. The desire for certain automobile parts is leading to vehicle theft in the UK. Cars get stolen and stripped in nearby industrial units in a matter of hours. The parts are then sold for high prices. What’s more, it’s not just expensive cars that are targeted. 

Why is your car easy to steal even when you lock it? 

Although you’ve locked your car and you have the car key with you, that doesn’t protect your vehicle from being stolen. Even automobiles left in car parks for just a few minutes can be stolen easily. This is because the most common type of theft is the case of thieves getting your keyfob’s signal and using it to open your car and drive it away almost immediately. It’s a way of stealing a vehicle without using the physical keyfob, called keyless car theft, also referred to as relay theft.

Thieves target the cars that have a keyless entry and start system. They take advantage of this technology to break into the vehicle and to drive it away fast. Keyless fobs have in-built transceivers which send and receive coded radio signals. The car and the key send the unique and encrypted signals to each other to lock and unlock the door. They lock the door when the key is further away from the automobile and they unlock it only when the key is close to the vehicle. 

What is the solution to car theft and how does it work? 

Fortunately, drivers and riders have more chances of recovering their vehicle in case it gets stolen thanks to the installation of GPS tracking devices. These car trackers send satellite signals to a receiver which processes them. GPS receivers track the device’s exact location and speed. GPS systems have 3 elements: space, control, and user. Regarding the space element, the Global Positioning System (GPS) has 27 satellites orbiting the Earth. Only 24 of them are operational and 3 are just backup satellites, in case the other 24 fail. The satellites orbit the Earth every 12 hours, sending signals to GPS receivers.

Concerning the control element, there are different tracking stations around the globe that control the system. These stations receive microwave carrier signals from the satellites. Then, the GPS receivers transform these signals into data, like speed and location. When it comes to the user element, GPS receivers get the signals that GPS satellites send and use them to identify the user’s position in space.

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