Why not owning a car tracker is actually dangerous

The UK is in a constant battle with automobile thieves, as they keep finding new ways to break into cars and drive them away, without the vehicle owner being able to do anything about it. Read below about why not having a tracker for your car is actually dangerous these days and consider equipping your vehicle with one. If you chose to get one, you would be aware of anything happening to your vehicle and you’d know of it as it happens. In addition, a car tracker also helps to increase the chances of getting your vehicle back and catching the culprit, to ensure justice. 

Most car thieves never get caught without vehicle trackers

In the recent article from the Mail Online statistics show that, throughout the UK, only 1 in 20 vehicle thieves are caught by the police. Numbers regarding car theft in this country are shocking in general as 272 cars are stolen daily, meaning 1 is taken every 5 minutes, with only 13 cases closed per day. So while there were 99, 541 car thefts reported between 2021 and 2022, just 4,863 of these cases were solved, with the officers being able to track the criminals down. In some areas of the UK, the police prioritise offences and don’t consider car thefts to be serious enough. What’s more, officers struggle catching thieves because the police department has limited resources, which makes it hard for them to deal with car thefts. 

It’s so fast to steal a car that is not equipped with a GPS tracker

It’s difficult to prevent relay attacks, since the thieves hack the keyless entry system of a car without needing a physical key just by making use of a key code grabbing technology. The Thatcham team did some research to encourage manufacturers to improve car safety and security in 2019. Every automobile was rated on a scale of 1 to 5 stars for their security, 5 being the most secure one. The security experts labelled them ‘Superior’, ‘Good’, ‘Basic’, ‘Poor’, and ‘Unacceptable’. The testing’s results showed that 6 out of 11 vehicles were not considered safe against auto theft. The worst-performing one was entered and started in only 10 seconds. 

You may not even realise when it happens

There’s another issue when it comes to car theft and that is the problem of illegal tow trucks. Thieves will now attempt to lift vehicles from the street by pretending to be part of a tow truck crew. So, if you ever see a towaway crew that’s acting suspiciously or that doesn’t look right, by driving a vehicle which isn’t branded and by not wearing uniform, you should report it to the police immediately. You don’t have to worry about it being unfounded, as nobody can accuse you of a fake report of suspicious behaviour if you actually believe you’re witnessing something illegal. Therefore, unfounded calls aren’t treated as a crime. It’s actually your duty to report anything that doesn’t seem right. Be alert in these situations, as a theft could be happening right before your eyes, whether it’s your own car being stolen or somebody else’s. 

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