Always Remember Where You Parked With A Car Tracker

Have you ever had one of those gut-wrenching moments when you return to your car, keys in hand, only to find it’s not there? For a few awful minutes you are tormented by the thought that your pride and joy has been stolen, but then it slowly dawns on you that – hang on – this doesn’t look like the car park you left the car in.

Here at Fit My Tracker we’ve heard quite a few stories like these from our customers, usually when they come to us asking about whether they should fit a tracker to their vehicle. For the record, we can absolutely say that car trackers are an ideal solution if you are prone to forgetfulness as car trackers are not just for theft prevention, although they are great for that too.

It Might Take A While To Find Your Car Without One!

One of the best stories we heard comes courtesy of The Sun newspaper from 2017 about a man in Frankfurt, Germany who forgot where he parked his car in 1997. The 76-year-oldman reported his car as missing to police but then gave up on trying to find it. The car was discovered 20 years later in the garage of a building which was about to be demolished! Unfortunately the car was no longer in a driveable state and was scrapped.

In the same article it was mentioned that a British man forgot where he parked his car in Manchester only to have it returned by Manchester police after six months. We’re guessing that may have been costly.

Other people have been known to be so preoccupied with taking selfies, or heading for the shops, or googling the nearest tourist attractions, that they completely forget to take notice of where they have actually parked and in an unfamiliar town where one car park looks pretty much like another that can be easy to do.

How to ensure you never again forget where you parked your car

If you have a smartphone, as millions of us do you could try dropping a pin of your current location on Google maps – tap and hold to pinpoint the location as soon as you get out of the car. Of course, this works fine just as long as you have remembered to keep your phone charged, you’re parked in a place where the mobile signal is strong and you understand how to use Google maps properly.

We think that by far the best and safest option is to use a car tracker. Car trackers work off GPS to monitor and safeguard your vehicle, giving you peace of mind that not only will you know exactly where you left your vehicle but that it will still be there. This is because a GPS car tracker works by enabling you to track the location of your vehicle in real time by sending a signal to your phone or other device.

Not only is a car tracker an excellent theft prevention device, the added layer of security it gives can help to reduce your insurance premiums too.

Interested in getting a tracker for protection, or peace of mind that you’ll actually be able to find where you parked? Why not talk to the team about which car tracker is best for you.