How Fleet Tracking Helps Improve Your Business Operations

We have often been asked by our business customers why it is so important to have a fleet tracking system in place. After all, fleet tracking is a relatively new thing, and many haulage companies have managed without one for many years.

But, as we will try to explain here, times have very much changed. Here at Fit My Tracker we’ve heard too many stories of stolen vehicles, shipments going awry and drivers getting lost but once we explain how fleet tracking systems use GPS technology to monitor and manage your fleet in real-time, the benefits to your business will become obvious.

Optimised routes and driver safety

Fleet tracking allows you to identify the most efficient routes in terms of time and fuel economy to improve delivery times. By avoiding traffic congestion and road closures, you can ensure a better service for your clients. In addition, fleet tracking can help to protect your assets by providing an instant record of driver behaviour and route deviation. This could allow you to identify learning opportunities for your driving staff.

Alerts for speeding, harsh braking and acceleration and other risky behaviours can help reduce accidents and associated costs to your business for repairs, medical and legal expenses.

Better fuel economy

Monitoring vehicle speed and idling time helps to reduce fuel wastage. This also allows businesses to use this information to provide feedback to drivers on how they can improve their driving for greater fuel efficiency. Together with optimised routing, this can produce significant cost savings.

Vehicle maintenance schedules

A fleet tracking system can provide alerts for maintenance schedules based on vehicle usage and mileage. Timely maintenance has been proven to reduce the risk of breakdowns, which would previously have taken a vehicle out of service. When your vehicles are in optimal condition, the lifespan of your fleet assets is maximised, so reducing the need to replace them before time.

Protection from theft

We work with leading brands such as Meta Trak, SmarTrak and Vodafone to bring you the best fleet tracking technology to keep your fleet safe from theft by effectively monitoring their locations in real-time. And did you know that with fleet tracking, you could potentially benefit from significant discounts from your insurance provider.

Cargo theft is an increasing problem for haulage and logistics companies. With one of our fleet tracking systems, you can create a geofence around your valuable asset to know its exact location and reduce the chance of theft. This system can also alert you if your driver is not sticking to a designated route or if the vehicle moves outside of business hours.

Enhanced customer service

Fleet tracking even provides better customer service by being able to give accurate delivery times without needing to contact the driver, which means fewer calls from customers enquiring about delivery status. Your fleet manager can use real-time fleet tracking to quickly identify the fastest response to new or updated customer queries.

Fleet tracking systems provide useful data, which businesses can use to identify patterns and areas for improvement, and that can play a crucial role in optimising business operations. They can offer valuable insights for decision-making and resource utilisation that can help to future proof your haulage business.