The Importance of Motorhome Trackers Throughout The Year

Over recent years, and especially since the Covid-19 pandemic, motorhome, campervan and caravan sales have soared as staycations became popular. Unfortunately, motorhome and caravan theft has also seen a rapid increase, and not just through the holiday season.

What surprises us here at Fit My Tracker is that despite the high cost involved in buying a motorhome – with them costing anything from £40,000 upwards – plus the fittings and accessories increasing the value of your motorhome, is that so few owners have yet to look into fitting a tracking device.

Here’s why you should protect your motorhome with a tracking device all year round.

Theft prevention

Imagine looking out of your window at home and seeing an empty spot where your valuable motorhome should be. Your pride and joy is a prime target for theft at any time of year. Motorhome trackers provide real-time location monitoring which allows you to pinpoint its exact location at any time and our insurance-approved motorhome trackers all come with a level one police response. All this means that you can quickly locate and recover your motorhome should the worst happen.

Motorhome trackers with real-time location monitoring also help to safeguard all the valuable equipment and personal belongings you keep in your motorhome.

Insurance benefits

Many insurance companies offer reduced premiums for motorhomes with Thatcham Approved tracking devices.* This is because motorhome trackers reduce the risk of theft in the first place and increase the chance of a rapid recovery of the vehicle, so minimising insurance claims.

*Thatcham Research is the leading name in vehicle security and has been for over 30 years. Thatcham certification is the industry benchmark for top level vehicle security.

How they work

Motorhome trackers provide owners with remote access, via a smartphone app or web-based platform, to the precise location of their vehicle at all times. This provides reassurance that your motorhome is safely parked where you left it, whether you’re mid season on a break elsewhere in the country, or your caravan or motorhome is in winter storage.

Some motorhome trackers offer a geofencing option. This allows you to place a virtual barrier around your motorhome. If your motorhome moves outside of this pre-defined area without your permission, you will receive an alert.

Emergency assist benefit

In the event of an unexpected breakdown or accidents, motorhome trackers can provide valuable information to help the emergency services or breakdown and recovery services locate your position and send assistance This data includes the vehicle’s location, direction of travel and speed.

Fleet management

For motorhome rental companies, trackers provide fleet management advantages through vehicle utilisation and maintenance scheduling efficiencies.

A stolen motorhome that has not had a tracking device installed is much less likely to ever be recovered. Motorhome trackers are essential tools for enhancing the security and safety of your motorhome and for the protection of the valuable assets within.

Ultimately, a tracking device offers peace of mind with the knowledge that your valuable investment is fully protected and can be located quickly in an emergency or in case of theft, enabling you to enjoy motorhome trips for years to come.

For information on how to best protect your motorhome talk to us at Fit My Tracker. We’d be happy to suggest solutions to keep your motorhome safe all year round.