Top 10 Car Theft Hotspots In The UK

When it comes to car theft in the UK, some areas are more dangerous than others. Data gathered from car insurance companies suggests where in the UK you’re more likely to have your vehicle stolen. Continue reading to find out what those spots are and what you can do to ensure your car’s safety. 

Top 10 UK car theft areas

10. Hull 

9. Bradford

8. Edinburgh

7. Northampton

6. Bristol

5. Cardiff

4. Derby & Portsmouth

3. Belfast

2. Brighton

1. Glasgow

Top 3 places least likely to catch the thieves

3.   North Yorkshire 

2.   Cumbria 

1. Dyfed-Powys

What can you do to protect your car?

There are quite a few ways to protect your car when it comes to vehicle theft. Read more about what those are down below. 

Purchase a car tracker

Buying and installing GPS tracking devices is the most efficient way to protect your car regarding vehicle theft. Trackers send satellite signals to a receiver that processes them in order to track the device’s current location. By knowing exactly where your car is and how fast it’s going, you stand a better chance of catching the thief. 

Park somewhere safe 

Thieves usually go after the easiest targets. Parking in unlit spots with nobody around makes your car an easy target. Try to look for places that offer some level of protection. What’s more, in case you don’t have surveillance cameras or movement-activated spotlights installed at home, consider getting them. 

Hide visible possessions 

Some criminals don’t even wish to steal your car, as they’re only interested in what’s inside it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t actually have anything that’s valuable inside your car because, to a criminal, it may seem as if you do. That’s why you need to hide your possessions either in the boot or in the glovebox. You can also just take your belongings with you. 

At FitMyTracker, we have a bespoke range of vehicle trackers designed for all needs and purposes and to suit any budget. Whether you live in one of the most targeted areas in the UK or you just want the reassurance of protecting your vehicle, contact us today to find out how we can help you decide on the right tracker for you.